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Ježíšek naděluje: Zahraniční literatura v knihovně FF MU

Vážení studenti,

od ledna 2012 můžete využívat rozšířené nabídky aktuálních andragogických titulů ze zahraničí. Centrum inovace andragogickcýh studií zakoupilo a do knihovny FF MU dodalo tyto publikace:

  • 4th Edition: Educational Research: Planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research [Hardcover]
  • Adult Education and Lifelong Learning: Theory and Practice [Paperback] Peter Jarvis
  • Beyond Binaries in Education Research (Routledge Research in Education)[Hardcover] Warren Midgley
  • Beyond Reflective Practice: New Approaches to Professional Lifelong Learning [Paperback] Helen Bradbury
  • Contemporary Issues in Lifelong Learning: n/a [Paperback] Vicky Duckworth
  • Contemporary Theories of Learning [Paperback] Knud Illeris
  • Continuing Professional Development in the Lifelong Learning Sector [Paperback]
  • Democracy, Lifelong learning and the Learning Society(Volume 3) [Paperback] Peter Jarvis
  • Education and Training Policy Qualifications Systems: Bridges to Lifelong Learning [Paperback]
  • Education for the People: Concepts of Grundtvig, Tagore, Gandhi and Freire by Asoke Bhattacharya
  • Ethics in the Workplace: Tools and Tactics for Organizational Transformation[Paperback] Craig E. Johnson
  • Evaluating Teachers for Professional Growth: Creating a Culture of Motivation and Learning
  • Evidence in education: linking research and policy (Knowledge Management) [Paperback]
  • Families, Ageing And Social Policy: Intergenerational Solidarity in European Welfare States (Globalization and Welfare)
  • Generations at School: Building an Age-Friendly Learning Community [Paperback]
  • Globalisation, Lifelong learning and the Learning Society (Volume 2) [Paperback]
  • Grandpartners: Intergenerational Learning and Civic Renewal, K-6 [Paperback] Linda Winston
  • Handbook of Research on Adult Learning and Development [Paperback] M Cecil Smith
  • How We Learn: Learning and Non-Learning in School and Beyond [Paperback] Knud Illeris
  • Human capital: how what you know shapes your life: The Power of Knowledge (OECD insights)
  • Human resource management in education/ Berbard Barker, Justine Mercer, Richard Bird
  • Improving Working as Learning (Improving Learning) [Paperback] Alan Felstead
  • Innovations in Lifelong Learning: Critical Perspectives on Diversity, Participation and Vocational Learning (Paperback)
  • Intergenerational Programs: Past, Present And Future [Paperback] Sally Newman
  • Intergenerational Programs: Understanding What We Have Created [Paperback] Valerie S. Kuehne
  • Knowledge Management Innovation in the Knowledge Economy: Implications for Education and Learning
  • Leading Adult Learning: Supporting Adult Development in Our Schools [Paperback]Eleanor (Ellie)Drago-Severson
  • Managing the Organizational Melting Pot: Dilemmas of Workplace Diversity [Paperback]
  • Promoting Adult Learning: Education and Training Policy [Paperback] OECD
  • Research and Development in Adult Education: Fields and Trends (Study Guides in Adult Education) [Paperback] Esther Oliver
  • Reserching Transitions in Lifelong Learning [Paperback] John Field Suzette Lovely
  • Teachers Learning Together: Creating Learning Communities [Paperback] Donna M. Ogle
  • Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector [Paperback] Peter Scales
  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment for Adults: Improving Foundation Skills [Paperback]
  • The Fundamentals of Workplace Learning: Understanding How People Learn in Working Life [Hardcover] Knud Illeris
  • The Routledge International Handbook of Lifelong Learning (Routledge International Handbk) [Paperback] Peter Jarvis
  • The SAGE Handbook of Workplace Learning [Hardcover] Margaret Malloch
  • Towards a Comprehensive Theory of Human Learning (Volume 1) [Paperback] Peter Jarvis
  • Understanding Pedagogy: And Its Impact on Learning [Paperback] Professor Peter Mortiomore
  • Understanding the Social Outcomes of Learning [Paperback] OECD
  • Work Integrated Learning: A Guide to Effective Practice [Paperback] Lesley Cooper
  • Workplace Counselling: A Systematic Approach to Employee Care [Paperback] Mr Michael Carroll
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